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The Love Language of Speedy Blaze

Have you heard of the love languages theory? The idea is to figure out what your spouse's/partner's love language is and "speak" it to them. If they prefer physical touch, then you maybe give them a massage. If they prefer acts of service, then you do something nice for them like doing the dishes or mowing the lawn. I think you get the idea.

There are 5 basic love languages and Speedy Blaze can definitely fit into all 5 categories, allow me to explain.....

Words of Affirmation

This doesn't just include saying nice things or being complimentary, in fact is it much larger than that. You want to avoid saying negative thing, judging, criticizing or failing to recognize things your partner does. You also want to encourage them, appreciate them, and listen to them. So how does Speedy Blaze fit into this? Stoke up a nice fire in the fireplace or outside in a campfire. Sit close with your partner and talk to them. Tell them something you appreciate about them, something that you noticed today. Ask them a question about their day and listen to them closely. This is a wonderful way to connect and remind your partner just how much you care about them.

Physical Touch

I think everyone understands the basic concept of physical touch but a reminder, this isn't about your enjoyment, but your partner's. Touch them in the way that they like, not how you like it. You hear me? Don't give a back rub to the person who hates them, lol. Again Speedy Blaze can make this a wonderful experience by warming up the body and bringing relaxation and comfort while you are enjoying each other.

Receiving Gifts

Is this how your partner feels loved and appreciate? If so, thoughtful gifts and gestures that have meaning for your partner is the best way to approach this one. Guys, don't give your wife a vacuum, seriously. Give her something that only she will use and appreciate - this is not the time for a new blender either. Dig deep and give from the heart. So how does Speedy Blaze fit into this one? Perhaps your partner enjoyed campfires and this is the perfect setting for giving a romantic gift like jewelry. Perhaps we're talking about a romantic proposal in front of a roaring fireplace that you started with Speedy Blaze. Or better yet, perhaps ladies you are gifting your man some Speedy Blaze because he's an avid outdoorsman. See where I'm going with this one?

Quality Time

One on one time is critical to any lasting relationship and the cornerstone of intimacy. Create special moments together and memories that last a lifetime. It is important to avoid distractions so let's put those phones down and concentrate on your partner during quality time. Do I have to mention that quality time next to the fire is a great way to connect and unwind together? Probably not, but I'll say it again, grab that Speedy Blaze, create your stack and spark some romance.

Acts of Service

This is a big one and my personal love language. When my spouse does something simple for me like doing the dishes or rotating the laundry, this means a lot to me. Acts of service as a love language means listening to your partner, understanding how you can best help them to relax by taking something off their plate. No one enjoys doing chores - your partner included. Allowing your partner to relax by the Speedy Blaze campfire while you clean up after dinner is a great example.

What love language does your partner prefer? Think about this one and try to put it into practice. No doubt it will be appreciated. You're welcome. :)

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