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Family Story-Telling Night

Who remembers those fun nights, sitting around a campfire telling great stories? What a great tradition to keep up with or start anew. Set up a tray of snack and hot cocoa in front of the fireplace. Everyone can wear their pajamas and slippers and cuddle up in blankets to stay warm and cozy. Take turns telling stories, and laughing, what great memories you'll make.

Story-telling or story-reading, both are a lot of fun and bring value. Maybe let the kids pick a favorite short story to read aloud, or if they are old enough, let them take turns reading it and doing all the fun character voices. A favorite game of mine as a kid was one that my grandmother taught me. She would start to tell a story and leave blanks for me to fill in. "There once was a girl name......" Of course I always filled in with my name, but I can remember being so excited for our story times.

If your kids can be especially wiggly, let them act out scenes while you read. Use up that energy coloring, acting or making something to go along with the story. You could take breaks and ask them to draw out what you've just described in a notebook. The possibilities are endless. Why not invite the grandparents to come and tell a story? What a great family tradition you could create with memories to last a lifetime.

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