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Outdoor Winter Fun Time

Winter is here - at least for those of us in Michigan, and there's so much to love about it. Winter is a great time to enjoy outdoor fun with family and friends; make the most of the weather and spend your days and nights doing those activities we can't do any other time of the year! Here's our list of favorite things to do in the winter, with help from Speedy Blaze to keep warm.

  • Roast Marshmallows - we love to have a roaring bonfire to keep warm and roast those marshmallows. Let's face it we can do it all year long, but it feels especially toast in the winter.

  • Drink Hot Toddies - hot drinks never taste so good as when we're chilly. Settle up to a cozy bonfire and enjoy those hot toddies with friends and family. Cover up with warm blankets and stay toast warm, inside and out.

  • Sledding/Skating Party - a bonfire is a great way to stay warm during a sledding or ice skating party. While the kids are running non-stop, take a breather and enjoy a bonfire to keep your toes and fingers warm.

  • Host a hot cocoa bar - Why are bar? why not? Piping hot cocoa is perfect for all kinds of mix-ins for kids and adults alike. We find that there are many adult mix-ins that are perfect for hot cocoa too; find your perfect flavor and share with a friend.

  • Ice Fishing - Let's face it, standing on the ice for hours can really chill your toes if you're not prepared. Set up a fire in a fire pit for those newbies and observers to keep warm. You might need it if the fish aren't biting.

  • Snowmobiling - Nothing beats a lot snowmobile ride through the woods to your favorite bonfire spot. We do this every winter and have such a great time of fellowship with friends around a bonfire. Warm up and ready for the ride back while sharing jokes, beverages and snacks.

  • Bonfire Dinner Party - In the winter? you bet! Throw a bonfire dinner party, encourages your guests to dress warmly and bring blankets. Serve chili and hot dogs or cheese fondue and bread and stay comfortable while enjoying the weather.

  • Snowman Building - It can get pretty frosty rolling around all the snow to make the perfect snowman. Warm up with a fire in your fire pit and keep the fun going. Treat yourselves to some hot cider once all the work/play is done.

  • Movie Night - Build a bonfire, inflate a movie screen and watch your favorite Christmas movie outside. Cozy up with blankets and hot food or beverages and enjoy the scene.

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