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The Best Campfire Hot Dog Recipes

We've done our research and searched the internet high and low, looking for the best campfire hot dog recipes. While you can't beat a traditional hot dog grilled over the fire on a lovely toasted bun, there are the of us always searching for more. More toppings, more varieties, and more cooking methods. We present, the best campfire hot dog recipes.

This one sounds pretty straight-forward, skewer that dog and wrap it in bacon, right? The reality is that they took it to the next level and have a special hidden element you won't want to miss!

This is one for the kiddos!! What kid could resist wrapping their hot dog up, cooking it over the fire and then eating it right off the stick? It's perfect, no mess Mom!!

Who needs a bun? This hobo-packet style meal is easy to cook up and fun to eat. Get the kids involved in the food prep and they will be so proud of this meal.

If you loved the bacon-wrapped dog, you're really going to love it when we stuff it with cheese! Oh baby!!

This website put out 3 different hot dog recipes which include the cowboy onion and bacon hot dog, campfire hot dog pups (bacon-wrapped and cheese-stuff), and a Frito hot dog.

They put out a list of 12 different hot dog recipes. I suggest taking a closer look at Boiled in Beer, Cowboy hot dogs, Dr Pepper chili dogs, and Stuffed with Jalapeños. They all look amazing!

Think Hot dog meets Ke-Bob. These look fantastic, hot dogs, peppers and onions? Yes please!

This site boasts 30 epic hot dog recipes!! Pulled Pork Cheese Dogs, Cheesy Bacon Wrapped Chorizo Dogs, Reuben Hot Dogs, and Loaded Macaroni and Cheese Dogs were standouts that we saw.

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