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The Ultimate Campfire Pizza Recipes

Speedy Blaze is at it once again; searching the internet high and low to find the ultimate campfire pizza recipes. Cooking over the campfire is a passion of ours and we are so excited to continue to locate and curate fantastic recipes for your next camping adventure. These recipes are also great for those at home backyard vibes that we all love.

  • Campfire Pizza - This recipe is for a chicken, bacon, ranch type pizza cooked over the fire on naan bread.

  • Cast Iron Skillet Pizza - This one includes a recipe for making your own pizza dough for 2-9 inch pizzas. It also has great instructions on how to build up your coal base prior to cooking the pizza.

  • 3 Ways to Make Campfire Pizza - The 3 methods shown on this site include the dutch oven pizza, aluminum foil as a cooking surface, and pie iron pizzas.

  • Pie Iron Pizzas - This recipe uses refrigerated pizza crusts to save time. This gives really good detailed instructions with pictures.

  • Pita Camping Pizzas - Using pita bread for the pizza crusts saves a lot of time.

  • Hamburger Pizza on a Campfire - This pizza is cooked in a dutch oven and looks ah-mazing!!

  • Campfire Dessert Pizza - This recipes makes yummy dessert pizza from flour tortillas using peanut butter, strawberry jelly, chocolate chips, fresh strawberries and peanuts. Yum!!

  • Campfire Breakfast Pizza - Sausage, hash browns, eggs and cheese? I'll take it! This is all assembled in a cast iron skillet and cooked over the fire.

  • Pizza Dough Recipe - This recipe gives instructions on making your pizza dough from scratch and good advice and tips to follow for easy prep at the campsite.

  • Campfire Crescent Roll Pizza Pockets - These are fun for kids as they are roasted on a campfire stick wrapped in foil.

  • Camping Pizza Log - This one is a rolled up pizza log, prepped in advance and wrapped in foil for cooking.

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