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Campfire Peach Pie

There is something so comforting about a fresh, delicious peach pie that you just can't resist. Put a dollop or two of vanilla ice cream on top and I'm in heaven. Who doesn't love peach pie? I wanted to find an easy recipe for making them when camping, and not just in the oven, so I pulled together a fun list of options to share with you. Happy camping!

  • Peach Campfire Pies - This is made in a pie iron with fresh peaches and white bread.

  • Mountain Peach Pie - This is also made in a pie iron with bread and fresh peaches but saves a few steps from the above and utilizes peach preserves as well.

  • Campfire Peach Pies - This one is made with a whole peach and pie crust, and baked in foil over the fire.

  • Bonfire Peach Pie - This one is baked in the oven, but has a definite campfire twist to it with a graham cracker crust and roasted marshmallow topping.

  • Campfire Peach Cobbler - This one is baked in your cast iron skillet and looks so yummy!

  • Grilled Berry Peach Pie - This one is baked in a foil pan on the grill and you can't beat the combo of peaches and berries.

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