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Winter Bonfire Dinner Party

Should you host a a Bonfire Dinner Party in the winter? You bet! And why not? Everyone loves the outdoors and even more than that we love doing something different and unusual. Throw your family or friends a bonfire dinner party and show off your party planning skills. Here are some tips to make it super special and keep everyone warm and happy.

  • Send out fun winter-themed invites whether digital or paper.

  • Make it clear that the party will be outside - no one wants that kind of surprise.

  • Encourage your guests to dress warmly and bring blankets.

  • Have a stack of blankets ready for anyone who didn't bring their own.

  • Padded or stuffed chairs that help hold in the heat will be much appreciated.

  • Serve chili and hot dogs or cheese fondue and bread. make the food easy enough to eat with gloves on - your guests will appreciate that.

  • Roasting Marshmallows is great fun in the winter too.

  • Think about your drink menu. Hot toddies, hot chocolate, mulled cider, coffee or tea would really hit the spot.

  • Place your bonfire in a spot that protected from wind if possible.

  • Make sure the bonfire is large enough for everyone to grab a seat around it so that they can stay warm.

  • Make sure to let your guests know in advance if you have a sledding hill or skating pond that they can utilize - bring your own sled/skates.

  • Be sure to take lots of pictures and post them for guests to enjoy later.

  • You could set up a screen and projector and make it a movie night.

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