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Movie Night in the Snow

Let's have a movie night in the snow!! You're thinking to yourself, did she really say snow? Yes, yes I did!! And why not? You can hang a white sheet or inflate one of those movie screens outside to enjoy a movie theater experience any time of year. Set up a bonfire to stay warm, use your coziest outdoor chairs and cuddle up with blankets.

Movie night is sure to be a hit, so why not invite your neighbors to join in? You can serve hot beverages and roast hot dogs and marshmallows. I mean, why not roast some popcorn over that roaring bonfire? The kids are sure to love this activity and remember it for a lifetime. Imagine the stories tell will tell someday of that time you watched their favorite Harry Potter movie in the snow with hot chocolate or better yet, hot butterbeers.

Amazon has inflatable screens and movie projectors at reasonable prices.

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