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Winter Automobile Preparedness

Winter is just around the corner and for many of us that means snow and ice. Winter weather can make driving risky and even life threatening at times. I wanted to take this chance to pass along some tips from the Michigan State Police about items you should keep in your car during winter month just in case.

Create a Winter Emergency Bucket. A 5-gallon pail (find one at your hardware store) filled with these emergency items could save your life:

  • A Speedy Blaze Fire Kit or Speedy Sparks

  • Long-burning candles (find in camping supply section of store)

  • Lighter and waterproof matches

  • Cell phone cord and power bank

  • Space blanket (Mylar)

  • Medication

  • Flashlight, batteries and glow stick

  • Hand warmer packets

  • Toilet paper

  • High-calorie food: nuts, granola bars, dried fruit, hard candy, etc.

  • Extra mittens, hat and socks

  • Coffee can (use as a scoop to remove snow from car or exhaust, for melting snow for drinking water or to place a candle/Speedy Spark into it for a small fire for warmth)

A package of Speedy Blaze or Speedy Sparks is good to keep in your car or truck in the winter months. Speedy Blaze Fire Kits start easily and provide lots of heat to keep you warm and to melt snow for water. If you want something more compact grab an 8 count re-sealable bag of Speedy Sparks. They easily light with just a match and will burn for about 10 minutes each.

Many of the above items are easily found at your nearest store and could make a difference for you or a loved one.

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