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Who is Ready for Pellet-Fired Pizza??

One of my favorite things about Speedy Blaze are the flavored pellets for grilling and smoking. We got a new pellet grill this winter and have really enjoyed the fine flavor it imparts. I also think we have better temperature control with the pellet grill and that really pleases me.

Our buddy recently purchased a pellet-fired pizza oven to use outdoors and it is amazing!! We have our own outdoor pizza oven, but the key here is that his is a pellet oven. And seems how we make really awesome flavored wood pellets, we knew this was a match made in heaven. Here's something similar to what he purchased which can be found on Amazon.

Features of the oven:

  • Collapses down for ease of transportation and storage

  • Wide mouth opening - easy to load pizzas and remove them

  • Pizza stone holds great heat for the crust

  • Easy to load the pellets

So it did take a bit of experimenting to learn just what temperature to bake the pizzas at to get the toppings and dough both properly cooked without burning one or the other. It was a lot of fun watching and waiting and salivating...while the fellas learned. Queue the audio, "Does this look right to you?" "I don't know, yes. Why? Does it not look right to you?"

So, I know you want to know...... which pellets did we use? We used our Grandpa's Grilling Pellets with the Brown Ale beer flavoring from Austin Brothers Brewery. You can see it in the bucket behind the guys there but I've also included images of the buckets below. I love that they are reusable buckets rather than more packaging to throw away too!

How did the pizzas turn out? So good that I forgot to take a picture, I was too busy eating them. Next time we make pizzas, I'll be sure to snap a pic to share. Just like any other outdoor cooking adventure, the fun is in the fellowship.

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