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Top Ten Camping Hacks

We scoured the internet to put together our favorite camping hacks for your use. We tried to focus on camping hacks that are good for both tent and RV campers, not sure one or the other. We hope you find these helpful for your next camping trip.

  • Mason Jar Match Holder - using a small mason jar, create a lid that you can use to strike the matches against and keep them dry.

  • Printable Packing List - having a list you can print out to pack from really helps to keep everyone organized and avoid packing doubles

  • DIY First Aid Kit - We bought a first aid kit after facing an emergency and having nothing on hand but bandaids, but you can certainly craft one yourself.

  • Beach Hacks - this list of beach hack was so good, we had to include everything on it.

  • Freeze water in clean, empty milknjugs to put into your cooler and for drinking water

  • Use corn chips like Doritos or Fritos as substitute kindling when you are starting a fire. The greasy (yet delicious!) part of the chips helps the fire get going quickly. (unless you are using Speedy Blaze!)

  • Studies have shown that sage, citronella, pine, and rosewood are effective mosquito repellants. Drop some essential oil or leaves onto your fire grate to get rid of those pesky bloodsuckers.

  • Use TicTac boxes to store smaller amounts of spices - they take up much less space.

  • Make pancakes with pre-made pancake mix using shortening and dry milk, which don't need to be refrigerated.

  • Pack Duct Tape. You'd be surprised how many times it will come in handy.

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