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Tips for Camping in the Rain

No one wants to go camping in the rain, but it seems to rain at least one day on every week-long camping trip we've taken. We've pulled together a list of tips to help make this unwanted weather experience a little bit easier to tolerate.

  • Bring an RV ground mat - these are a must have for RV camping. They help reduce the dirt coming into the camper and in the case of rain....the rain goes right through it to the ground and reduces the mud you would have to deal with. It's a game-changer accessory to have.

  • We suggest packing an EZ Up Canopy Tent. These are a great way to keep dry on many rainy outings! They easy to set up and can provide a great covered area to hang out under or keep dry your chairs, table, etc.

  • Pack extra towels. You have no idea how useful they can be when things get wet. You can pack small ones inside wet shoes to dry them out. You can roll clothes up in towels to help ring out excess liquid. So many uses - pack extra.

  • Pack games to play - cards, board games, whatever the group enjoys. It might be your only source of entertainment for the group during the rain.

  • If you don't have a camper with an awning, you should bring a good sturdy tarp. You can hang it between trees and get some cover from the rain. This is also very helpful for tent-camping even if its sunny and beautiful.

  • Umbrellas. If you have some umbrellas it can make that trek to the bathhouse much more tolerable when tent-camping.

  • Rain Protective Wear - Bring a raincoat or poncho, especially if you're tent camping. You can get so cold when your clothes are wet with no easy way to dry them. Do yourself a favor and pack rain gear.

  • Plastic bags are you friend. Gallon bags, garbage bags, bring an assortment. You can pack gear in them to keep things dry and separated. You can keep your phone dry, and safe, along with anything else. If you want to invest, get some dry-bags used for canoeing or other water sports. They work really well and are worth the small investment.

  • Pack Speedy Blaze. Speedy Blaze is water resistant and will still light even in the rain. Build that Speedy Blaze fire and stay warm, no matter the weather

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