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The Best Fire Pit Is.....

Whether you enjoy having a fire at home, on the deck or at your campsite, everyone has their own personal preference as to the best fire pit to use. Some fire pits reduce smoke, many have cut out designs, some are pieces of art and then many are rustic and just functional. Deciding which fire pit is best for you and your family means considering many options available and weighing the pros and cons. Or you just like what you like and that's what you stick with.

Our family has tried many different fire pit styles over the years and we definitely have our favorite. We've tried those typical in-ground ones that you see in many campgrounds and I don't care for them at all. There is no place for the smoke to go, the heat is at your feet and the dogs seem to always singe their tails poor things.

We have also built our own fire pit in our backyard by building up stones in a circle. This does allow smoke to escape and the rocks heat up nicely and keep the dogs away from getting burned.

When we go camping, we prefer to take a portable stove option with us. We have found that the Solo Stove keeps the smoke out of our faces, the heat is higher up where we need it, the ground doesn't get burned and neither do the dogs. This is hands down my favorite type of campfire to enjoy, the smoke thing being the chief decider for me.

The main thing for us when camping is getting access to firewood. You can't transport wood here in Michigan so you either need to buy it where you will burn it or bring something transport compliant like Speedy Blaze. Not only is is transport safe, but I also love that I can start a fire even if everything else is wet!! You can't get that with regular firewood. Thank you Speedy Blaze!!

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