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S'mores Charcuterie Board

We all love s'mores....making them, eating them, sharing them.... so why not take it to the next level? I know I already shared gourmet marshmallows and how amazing those s'mores would be, so what's the next step up from there? A s'mores charcuterie board is the next step up. At least, that's what I'm proposing and where I plan to take you next.

First off - you need a charcuterie board, or a large cutting board. Generally, something wooden and large enough to hold all the goodies and display them beautifully. If you want something a little less pretty but durable, I'd go with a large cookie sheet, the kind with sides to help hold everything in.

Second, what are all the items you want to have in your s'mores? That's what we need to fill out charcuterie board with. Obviously we need marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers, but what else? Let's start by adding some of these items:

  • chocolate chip cookies

  • sliced strawberries

  • Keebler fudge stripe cookies

  • chocolate graham crackers

  • white chocolate bars

  • Reeses peanut butter cups

  • peanut butter

  • nutella

  • bananas

  • cookies and cream chocolate bars

  • pretzels

  • shaved coconut

  • Nilla wafers

  • Oreos

  • browniers

  • peppermint patties

  • caramel sauce

I think I could go on and on listing items you might enjoy, I think you get the idea.

Third, arrange your items on the board. It helps to start with the largest items first. You can be as intentional and designed as you want, or place them in piles, totally up to you.

Finally, don't forget the roasting sticks, invite your friends and watch everyone have fun!! We've pinned some great examples on Pinterest for your use.

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