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Reasons to go Camping

My parents didn't take me camping as a kid, so it was an adventure I had to learn to enjoy as an adult. My hubby took me camping for our honeymoon, and it was a wonderful, romantic event. I fell in love with camping and that was tent-camping. Now we are RV'ers and I love it even more. Now that I'm spoiled with all my RV comforts, he wants to go tent-camping again. Go figure!! So, maybe this is a good time to remind myself why I fell in love with camping.

  • Time to UnPlug - Camping is a wonderful opportunity to unplug, put down the phones, iPads, computers and just relax. We all love being connected to each other, but equally as important is disconnecting. Enjoy not being available 24/7 and take this time to connect in person instead. Unplugged time is valuable and beneficial in so many ways. Consider it a mental health break.

  • Inexpensive - Camping is much less expensive than staying at a resort or a hotel. The cost of purchasing equipment is usually a one-time cost too. Camping on a budget is absolutely feasible and I recommend this is a great way to save money on vacations.

  • Enjoy Nature - Camping outdoors brings the opportunity to really enjoy nature. You can sleep under the stars, watch the sun set, view animals in their habitat and many more things. Enjoying nature is probably the best part of nature. You just can't take it for granted, you are immersed and all your senses are engaged.

  • Campfires - Enjoying the sight, smell and heat of a campfire is something everyone loves. There is so much joy in gathering around the campfire, sharing stories and making new friends. Fire brings people together.

  • Cooking Over the Fire - One of the best things about a campfire is cooking over it. You can't beat the flavor of a fire-roasted steak, roasted marshmallows or even hot dogs over the fire. You can get out that dutch oven and fix something truly fantastic in those hot coals. You can even bake bread. Camp cooking is fun to include the kids in the process as well.

  • Star-Gazing - When you get away from the city (even small towns produce a lot of light) and away from all the streetlights, you will be amazed at the stars you can view. The details and the Milky Way are all visible when you are camping out in nature. Sit in your seat by the campfire and look up, its gorgeous.

  • Dog-Friendly - Camping is a dog-friendly vacation. Not a lot of vacation options are dog-friendly, and if you have 3 dogs like I do, being able to take your pets is a bonus. I've even seen cats that go camping, but I personally won't be trying that. Our dogs love going on vacation, having hiking adventures and exploring new smells. Our dogs even like to sit in seats about the bonfire too.

  • Outdoor Exercise - Depending on what your plans are, there are lots of opportunities to exercise outdoors when camping. Perhaps you want to do morning yoga, or take long walks or hikes. Bicycles are always present in campgrounds, we enjoy watching children do laps around. Don't forget water sports, too!! Whatever your outdoor pleasure it, you can surely enjoy it when camping.

  • Family Fun - Camping is a special treat for children. They get dirty playing, enjoy the fresh air and make new friends. There's something special about sleeping in a tent that children really enjoy. And don't forget the campfire and s'mores - kids love that the most. I have lots of memories of my kids begging for one more s'more, stay up one more hour, or please can we go for a walk? I treasure those times.

  • Making Memories - Camping memories do last a lifetime, the good and the bad memories. A lot of careful planning can hopeful make sure they are all good memories. And you just have to laugh off the bad ones. Unexpected things happen when camping, and that is part of the joy of life. Embrace it.

  • Slower Pace - When camping you can really enjoy a slow-down of life. You don't need to plan every minute with activities. Enjoy not having plans and just being together. Allow yourself to go with the flow and be in the moment. Soak it all in.

  • Challenge Yourself - There are a lot of opportunities to challenge yourself when camping. Perhaps you want to learn a new camp cooking skill, rough camp it, or some other challenge. No one is judging you - go for it.

  • Making New Friends - I think most people will say that easily make friends when camping. We have met some of the most amazing people and had so much fun. You don't need to bring a large group to every camping trip; you will meet new people. This is one of the biggest perks mentally, meeting new people and enjoying getting to know them.

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