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Planning a UP Waterfall Tour

One of my favorite things to do while in the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan, is to go enjoy the waterfalls. There are many that you can just drive by and enjoy from your car, but most require a short walk, up to a few mile hike to really get to take in the view. You need to plan ahead and map our which falls you want to see to be most efficient with your time. You also need to be aware of which sites allow dogs, in case you are dog people like we are. has the best site for searching for waterfalls. You can search by region of the UP or county for the listing of 96 waterfalls. When you click on the link for each waterfall, for most there is information about the falls, the address and a link to a website along with a map.

If you are going to be in the Munising area, there are a lot of falls right around town and their visitor center provides a map to all of them. It is a great day trip to tour around and go hiking and enjoy. There is also the boat tour to see Pictured Rocks which also has a waterfall or two to see depending on the time of the year. Many of the waterfalls are best viewed in the spring after the snow melts and there is plentiful water movement.

Dress in layers with good shoes for hiking. Bring your bug spray and a hat is also helpful. Carry your own water bottle and remember to leave no trace behind as your explore those trails.

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