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How to Pick the Best Pellet Grill for You

In order to help you make a good choice, we did a little research on the pros and cons of a pellet grill along with the features. We hope you find this helpful in your shopping decisions.


· Pellet grills offer ad smoky taste of wood pellets which is unique.

· Pellet grills give off less acrid smoke than charcoal grills.

· Pellet grills offer the convenience of a set it and forget it style of grilling because the pellets are dispersed into the smoke chamber automatically.

· Pellet grills offer all of the taste of BBQ with none of the smoke!

· They take less time to heat up about 10 minutes and are very easy to control.

· Pellet grills are versatile and come in all shapes and sizes. The pellets for these grills also come in different flavors such as maple, hickory, apple, or pecan, imparting unique flavors to your BBQ. Speedy Blaze now offers Grandpa’s Grilling Pellets in great flavors and 2 pound bags for convenience.


· Pellet grills are costly to buy and run. A high-end electric grill may cost less than half the price of its pellet counterpart and still do the job.

· Fueling a pellet grill can be more expensive compared to other types of smokers.

· A pellet grill requires a power source to operate.

· Many pellet grills will rarely hit temperatures higher than 450F. For high-temperature smoking at 500F, you’re going to need a charcoal grill that can reach those temperatures.

When judging pellet grills, we considered a few different factors:

  1. Price – what is in your budget?

  2. Construction – You want something well-built and not flimsy. Look for thicker insulation and consider stainless steel. We recommend buying a grill with a strong warranty because there are many working parts.

  3. Temperature range – Do you want to sear your meat or bake a pizza? Need higher temps for this.

  4. Type of Controller – 3 position (low, medium, high), multi-position (control knob with 25 degree increments, less accurate in windy environments), one-touch non-PID controller (LCD display and meat probes), PID Controllers (most sophisticated, complex and precise)

  5. Size of cooking area – Bigger doesn’t mean better, pick something that fits your needs and lifestyle.

  6. Features – meat probes, programmable controls, direct grilling options, secondary racks, WiFi capability

Always read the reviews online if you can’t check it out in person.

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