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How is Speedy Blaze Made?

Have you been a long-time user of Speedy Blaze? First-time buyer? Maybe you have a kiosk and want to know more? Well we've got you covered and can answer your questions. Today I'm fixin' to tell you all about how our amazing Speedy Blaze is made.

First off, we start with great ingredients in order to create this wonderful product. We use select dried woods in all of our Speedy Blaze products, from the Speedy Blaze Fire Kit, the Speedy Sparks and Grandpa's Grilling Pellets. We take great care in selecting the best wood to create our products.

Second, we do not use any fillers, additives or binders in order to hold our bricks or pellets together. This is why our product is safe to cook over and pet-safe as well. We do not allow any foreign chemicals to enter our process at all.

Third, we use a specialized press to create our Speedy Blaze brick, which leaves that S for Speedy Blaze with a flame impression that you see on each one. This compression holds all the wood together in a great shape and makes a very dense, slow-burning brick.

Speedy Blaze Brick

Last, we use our patented food-grade coating process to seal the wood and make it water resistant. This coating is thinner than a human hair, allowing it to burn off quickly. And because this is a food-grade coating, it is still safe to cook over and doesn't add any smell or flavor of any kind.

All of these processes combined make our Speedy Blaze the fantastic product that it is.

  • Recycled

  • Natural Wood

  • Safe to Cook Over

  • Lights Wet or Dry

  • Pet-Safe

  • USDA Transport Compliant

  • Long-lasting burn

  • Mess and Pest Free

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