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Gourmet Marshmallows

Have you tried gourmet marshmallows yet? I mean, why not right? If you love a regular marshmallow for your s'mores, a gourmet marshmallow just takes it to the ultimate level of enjoyment. We went in search of something special and .well, was that ever a bad idea. Now I'm starving for sugar and craving marshmallows and might even need to order a batch or two of these new goodies. I can feel the rumble in my tummy just searching these websites and you will too, dear reader, be forewarned!!

  • 1927SmoresCompany on Etsy has a gourmet s'mores kit in 5 delectable flavors. Their description says that the kit comes with handcrafted from scratch ingredients for an artisanal, mouth-watering version of the American treat.

  • Goldbelly also offers unique combinations for the ultimate s'mores kit. Hand-made cookies and marshmallows combine to create flavors that include churro, Samoa and cookies n'creme.

  • Ticket Chocolate also has a few unique flavors to try like peppermint and dulce le leche. If those kits aren't tempting slide over to their gourmet marshmallow flavors and create your own with caramel swirl, mochaccino or vanilla bean marshmallows.

  • Viveltre on Etsy has so many great gourmet marshmallows that it will make your head spin!! With flavors like bourbon, salted caramel blondie, bacon bourbon sutra and snickers sensation - you can't go wrong!! Surely they have something for everyone!

  • SweetJumbles also on Etsy had 96 items listed for sale right now!! They really have some creative ideas on marshmallows like egg custard snowball, blackberry, horchata and the fluffernutter.

Go get creative with your next s'mores roasting adventure and take your s'mores game to the next level. We can't wait to hear from you if you try one of these suppliers!!

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