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Family Game Night

When the weather is cold and the wind is blowing, its the perfect time to have a family game night. Stay indoors, light that fire in the fireplace, stay cozy warm and have some fun. Think back to your childhood memories of playing board games and make some new memories with your young ones. The years we have with our kids tend to fly by and before you know it, you're setting dates months in advance just to spend time with them.

There are lots of great board games out there and electronic hand-held pass around the table games like Catch Phrase or Pass the Potato to enjoy. There are games on the smart TVs that are super fun and the kids will love. There are even games you can use your cell phone like Who Am I? and still be connected to one another. We suggest picking 2 or 3 different games to play for the evening and taking turns choosing games, because we all know that our kids love making choices and being "in charge." Setting a time limit also helps the littles to be prepared for that transition away from playing and might help avoid "just one more game" at the end of the night.

With so many game-playing options, why not make this a regular weekly or monthly event in your household? Invite another family and alternate turns hosting. Serve yummy snacks that the kids help make or make it a pizza night too!! The options are endless and the memories last a lifetime.

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