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Cooking With Ed: Eggs in a Nest Mountain Pie

It doesn’t matter if it’s s’mores at a campground, fish on the shore of a Canadian lake or steaks in the Colorado mountains, food taste better cooked over a campfire.

My name is Ed Bolanowski and I am the Midwest regional sales manager here at Speedy Blaze and I want to welcome you to the Speedy Blaze Outdoor Cooking Blog. We will be sharing recipes and tips to make your outdoor cooking more enjoyable.

We invite you to send us YOUR favorite recipes and camp cooking hacks and if we use your entry on our blog you will receive a Speedy Blaze prize package. Let’s get started!

Cooking Hack #1: When you are at the grocery store picking up your s’mores supplies don’t overlook the fudge stripped cookies. Just place a roasted marshmallow between two cookies and you have an easy s’more. This works great when you are making a bunch of smores for a group. For me I love crawling out of a tent in the morning getting a fire going and cooking coffee and breakfast over an open flame. One of the easiest breakfasts to do is with a pie iron. If you don’t own one a pie iron I’m sure you have seen them.

The following recipe was taken from the Get Out Camping and Hiking webpage

Eating hot food in the wilderness is one of the greater pleasures in life. Some thing about cooking the old fashion way, makes it taste better. Below is a great recipe to make in a pie iron and cook over Speedy Blaze logs. We hope you find it as delicious as we did!

Eggs in a Nest Mountain Pie Recipe: 1 tablespoon butter or oil 1/2 cup hash brown potatoes 1/4 teaspoon onion powder pinch of paprika dash salt dash pepper 1 egg


  1. Add potatoes, onion powder and 1 tablespoon of butter or oil in a well-greased pie iron. Cook until

  2. potatoes begin to brown.

  3. Remove from fire and open cooker. Using a fork, form a “nest” into the center of the potatoes.

  4. Break the egg into the center “nest,” close the cooker and return to the fire until the egg is cooked.

  5. It is done when the potatoes look brown and the egg looks cooked.

This is a quick and easy breakfast to get your day started.

If you have a recipe of tips you would like to share with us send them to: (if you do, you might get a gift from us 🔥🔥)

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