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Camping with Dogs

Your dog may be subjected to many different experiences, weather, and situations during your camping trip, including car rides, other animals or wildlife, groups of people and nature. It is so important that you prepare for these possibilities so that you and your dog can have a safe and memorable (in a good way) camping trip.

Where do we go camping?

  • Research in advance – know where your dog is allowed to visit. Each campground will have its own rules and guidelines and it is your responsibility to know them. There are many places across the United States that welcome well-behaved dogs.

  • Reserve a campsite early, especially during peak travel times.

  • Be sure to contact a campground individually for information regarding their pet policies and rules.

  • Plan a travel route that includes plenty of pull-off opportunities for your dog to use the bathroom.

  • Prepare your dog for interactions with others, including obedience training, if necessary. No one appreciates meeting an aggressive dog who doesn’t mind his master.

  • Some things to ask about include Leash requirements and Barking ordinances.

Not all dogs should go camping – know your dog’s personality ad don't take an aggressive dog camping please.

Schedule a Vet Appointment - Before you reserve your stay, schedule a check-up appointment for your dog. Make sure your dog is:

  • Up to date on vaccinations

  • Using some form of flea and tick prevention

  • Microchipped

  • Groomed – at least clip those nails

  • Healthy – you don’t want to take a sick pup camping

Other things to consider:

  • You should never leave your dog at camp alone when you take a trip for that day hike. It is potentially disruptive for other campers and it could also endanger your canine companion. Weather can change fast, wildlife can wander through or other unforeseen circumstances could arise while you are gone.

  • Use pick up bags for doggie doo doo. This is just common courtesy, no one wants to be surprised by stepping in it.

  • Plan to have your pet sleeping with you in your tent or camper. They should not be left outside overnight.

  • Do not leave your dog’s food out. You don’t want other wildlife finding your campsite to be a tasty place to hang out.

What to Pack - Camping with your dog means bringing along everything they need, which includes:

  • Dog food and a bowl

  • A bowl for water. – We like to use this bowl from Amazon: automatic waterer

  • Dog treats

  • Prescription medication, if required

  • Stake or tether

  • Extra towels

  • Doggie first-aid kit

  • Outdoor-safe toys – bring lots!! Chew toys, tennis balls and water toys may be needed

  • A leash

  • A current photo, just in case they get loose

  • Vet records and medical information

  • An attachable ID tag

  • Dog waste bags

The following items are not necessarily essential, but may be useful:

  • A dog brush

  • An outdoor harness

  • A swim-safe leash

  • Your dog’s bed

  • Paw protectant, we have found sand to be very irritating

Enjoy your camping trip with your dog and have fun together - that's what it is all about!!

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