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Camping Essentials

The sun is out, the weather is changing and before we know it, camping season will be here in Michigan. Being seasoned campers, we have figured out what works for us and what doesn't and now we're going to share. Here's a list of items we find essential for camping - and we're talking about RV camping mostly. This list includes the items that I do not think are obvious ones. We've done the tent camping too, but that list of items will be slightly different and is probably best left to another post.

  • Water Bottles or Tumblers - Having refillable water bottles is important. Less waste when camping is an important goal and will make your life easier.

  • Water Filter Pitcher - You never know what the water quality will be like where you are camping. The ability to filter that water for drinking is key.

  • Fire Starters - Obviously we think you need Speedy Sparks and Speedy Blaze for camping, but if you're not using Speedy Blaze, you definitely need something good to start your fires and hold that flame while your wood catches. Often wood you find at your campsite is wet and doesn't catch quickly.

  • First Aid Kit - Just when you think you don't need one, you will. Make sure you have the basic essentials ready just in case.

  • Flashlight - The more rustic the campground, the more likely you will need a flashlight at night. You never know when you might be cooking late, fixing s'mores or just can't figure out what the dog is doing...a flashlight will help.

  • Activities - What do you do when it rains? I'm talking about activities. Board games, cards, books, how will you entertain yourself? Every single camping trip we go on, it rains for at least one day, for the full day and you didn't go all that way just to watch tv in the camper did you?

  • Folding Wagon - These things are amazing if you're walking to the beach, taking laundry to be done on long trips, or walking back from the farmer's market. I highly recommend investing in one.

  • Patio Mat - Having this outside the RV door, is a godsend. I mean it! We have 3 dogs who want to go in and out of the camper just as often as Daddy does, which means dirt in and out. Once we got the patio mat, this problem was no more.

  • Portable Ice Maker - this is our main essential. We always fill the fridge and use a cooler for drinks and making our own ice is so much better than constantly buying. Don't get me wrong, we buy ice too, but this little device means we never run out.

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