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5 Ways to Relax and Unwind After a Long Day

We've all had those days where you just can't get to the end of it fast enough. Maybe work was long and grueling, or you faced some personal struggles, whatever the reason, it is important to take time for yourself. How many times have we heard how vital stress relief is to our health and well-being? Well that is because it is true!! Most people have a favorite way to chill out and get those batteries recharged. Here's my top 5 ways to relax and unwind after a long day.....

  • Take a long, hot bubble bath, or if you have one, soak in the hot tub. There's something about the heat and steam that really helps to leave one's troubles behind. Certainly the heat can relax sore and tired muscles and bring some comfort if you're physically exhausted. I also find that when you're in the tub, you're not doing other things, which means you can unwind and let go.

  • Yoga or Meditation has got to be a top way to relax. Clearing your mind and letting go of the day's challenges is so important to your mental health. Who needs to ruminate over every little thing that you did wrong or didn't do right? Let it go!!

  • Take a walk either along or with your furry friend. Pay attention to your surroundings and focus on what you see. Don't focus on the day you just had, but stay present in the moment and enjoy your scenery.

  • Do something nice for yourself!! This one can vary from person to person. For me this could be cooking myself a nice dinner, something special. Maybe it's giving yourself a facial or treating yourself to a massage on the way home. You could enjoy a glass of wine, a piece of chocolate or any treat you love.

  • My final suggestion, if you couldn't read my to enjoy a bonfire. The heat is so relaxing and it smells so good. A few hours fireside and your mind will be clear and ready for sleep.

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