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3 Next Level S'more Recipes

Try these 3 recipes that will bring your s'more to a whole new level

Three simple ingredients: marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. You can't go wrong with that, but could s'mores be even better??? I have some other alternative that may blow the minds of your guests at your next fire and marshmallow roasting. 

"Whether you're outside by your fire pit with your friends and family or you're primitive camping in the great Badlands National Park (my personal favorite), s'mores always satisfy your sweet tooth at the end of a long day!"

1. Fudge Striped Cookie S'mores

This is simple yet genius. We take two fudge striped cookies and throw that marshmallow in. The chocolate is naturally already spread out, and less messy than a normal s'more. This is my personal favorite!

2. Candied Bacon S'mores

Who doesn't love bacon? This s'more is only for the true bacon lovers who are willing to question the conventional. 

Graham cracker + dark chocolate + marshmallow + candied bacon. Candied bacon adds an extra step, but this is one of those s'mores that you will tell your friends about! 

(photo courtesy of

3. Cookie Nutella S'mores

This is an overload of flavor. We're talking a two chocolate chip cookies, lather some Nutella, and put that hot mushy marshmallow in. 

This recipe is another one that you've probably never had but I know you wouldn't regret trying.

(photo courtesy of

Thank you to for helping us come up with inspiration, and they have more great ones on their website. 

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