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10 Reasons to Love a Roaring Fire

Have you ever counted up the reasons why you love something? Its been done time and again throughout history..."How do I love thee? Let me count the ways." - Does that line ring any bells? Well we love fire and we'd love to count up the reasons why, join us won't you?

  1. The Heat - We all love the heat generated by a fire. Staying warm and roasting our buns are top of the list.

  2. The Beauty - Let's face it, fires are pretty awesome and and wonder to behold. Who hasn't been caught staring and that beautiful fire and just enjoying it for what it is. Beautiful.

  3. Light - When you're camping and its dark out and the fire provides light, it is a glorious thing. You feel safe when you can see, thank you fire!

  4. Indoor/Outdoor - You can enjoy fire outside in the fire pit or inside in your fireplace. We even get to enjoy fire on a candle or on the stovetop heating our food. Fire is a wonderful tool that we all use on the regular.

  5. Fire brings people together - not only is this a fun tagline but its true. People are drawn towards fire and a bonfire is a great example of this. How many times have you met someone new at a bonfire? All are welcome - come and warm your hands.

  6. The Cooking!! - Fire is amazing to cook over. I'm talking about the fire pit, over and open flame type of barbecue cooking. The flavor can't be beat!

  7. Casual Dress - Fire doesn't care what you're wearing or what your hair looks like. Throw a hat on with pajamas, so long as you're comfortable, fire won't mind at all.

  8. The smell - Don't you just love the smell of a fire roasting in the firepit? That smoky scent carries far and wide and is so delicious.

  9. Safety - When you burn a fire at your campsite, wild animals know to stay away, fire keeps you safe.

  10. Renewable energy - Fire is a renewable energy, especially when you burn a recycled product like Speedy Blaze. Ashes return to the Earth and the cycle starts anew, just as it should be.

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